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Geomtric elephant display

I made this display sometime back when I started out experimenting with wooden displays. When I started out I searched the internet for geometric designs. This is one of them. So to be clear the design it self is not created by me. And I have no intention in distributing this display. The ones I would like to sell are designed by my self. 

The display it self is made out of a reclaimed hardwood. With no clue witch wood it could be.


By the way, what other animal do you see?

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A geometric wolf display

Hi, I’ve created this geometric wolf display. It’s carved into 2 pannels of hardwood called Madrone and joined together with biscuits and glue.

Madrone also known as Pacific Madrona, is native to the western coastal areas of North America.

The carving is done with a Dremel and a cutting disk to achieve the straight burned lines that makeup this display.

Interested or for more information check out this product on my etsy shop

The dimensions are 25,5x21cm/ 10×8.2inch

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